Lakeview Avenue Grade Separation Project
Client: OCTA
Location: Anaheim &Placentia, CA
Construction Cost: $28 Million

Project Features:

  • Lakeview Ave Overhead structure with 4- lane highway over BNSF Railway

  • 4 Lane Bridge over Atwood Channel for access to residential and commercial properties

  • Retaining Walls and MSE Walls

  • Numerous Utility Relocation on designated underground utility corridors
Together with the cities of Anaheim and Placentia, Athalye is working on the Lakeview Avenue Grade Separation project to eliminate at-grade rail crossing. The highway will be elevated over the Orangethorpe Avenue and the BNSF railway tracks by constructing a four lane overcrossing bridge and retaining walls. This project will minimize the delays for rail and vehicular traffic, improve traffic circulation to the residential, local business, and pedestrian traffic at Lakeview Avenue which, prior to construction, experienced high rail volumes at grade crossing.

The project also include a four lane bridge over Atwood Channel to provide access for a residence and six business properties east of Lakeview Ave. A new connector road provides access from Orangethorpe Avenue to Lakeview Avenue with a signalized intersection. The project also facilitate underground and overhead utility relocations into utility corridors, construction of retaining walls, MSE walls, drainage improvements, local street improvements, and modifications to existing business properties and residential lots. North access from Eisenhower Circle to Lakeview Ave. will be eliminated; and instead, a signalized intersection is created at south access from Eisenhower Circle to Lakeview Ave.

Athalye is providing full construction management services and inspection for OCTA, plus QA testing and survey.