Laurel Street Grade Separation Project
Client: SANBAG
Location: Colton, CA
Construction Cost: $40 Million

Project Features:

  • Build BNSF Railway Bridge & replace existing six railroad tracks

  • Construct the Laurel Street under the BNSF Railway (Depressed Roadway Section.

  • Secant Pile bridge
    abutments and retaining walls.

  • Major drainage facilities along North 8th Street.

  • Major utility relocations.
The Laurel Street Railroad Underpass structure serves as the BNSF railway crossing to eliminate at-grade rail crossing. This project is located in the City of Colton about a mile north of I-10 and a mile and a half west of I-215. An estimated 90 trains pass through the Laurel Street/BNSF crossing a day on six railroad tracks resulting in a total “gate down” time of over four hours daily and is expected to double to a 100 trains a day in year 2035, due to regional and economic growth.

The proposed project depressed Laurel Street under six railroad tracks. Because of the change in the elevation of the road, 8th Street on the north and south of Laurel were designed to end in cul-de-sacs. The project included local street improvements to maintain access to businesses, construction of retaining walls, utility relocations, drainage improvements, and landscaping.

Athalye, as prime consultant is providing full administration construction management plus inspection, survey, and material testing.