Exposition Boulevard Bridges Over Ballona Creek
Client: City of Los Angeles
Location: Culver City/Los Angeles, CA
Construction Cost: $30 Million

Project Features:

  • Interchange Reconstruction

  • Advance Planning Study & Bridge Type Selection

  • Cooperative Agreement

  • Encroachment Permit

  • Multi-Agency Coordination

  • Extensive Utility

  • ROW Coordination and Acquisition

  • Staged Construction
The project included the following: (1) replacement of the existing two-lane Valencia Boulevard Bridge Overcrossing with a seven-lane structure; (2) demolition of existing Valencia Boulevard Bridge OC, No. 53-1815; (3) modification of the I-5/ Valencia interchange ramps by adding one on-ramp from eastbound Valencia Boulevard to southbound I-5 in order to complete a modified partial cloverleaf interchange ramps configuration; (4) installation of signalized intersections at Valencia Boulevard/Old Road, Valencia Boulevard/west Clover Loop on and off-ramps, and Valencia Boulevard/East Clover Loop on and off-ramps; and (5) signal modification at Valencia Boulevard/Tourney Road. Signalized of intersections are synchronized to improve traffic flow, relieve congestion and enhanced safety.

Athalye was responsible for the preparation of the bridge and other structures plans, specifications and estimate (PS&E). Tasks included the preparation of the Advanced Planning Study, Type Selection Report, structures analysis and design, and the preparation of the final structures PS&E. Numerous non-standard architectural features were incorporated consistent with Caltrans safety and functional requirements. Site-specific seismic criteria conforming to Caltrans SDC Version 1.1 was utilized in completing this fast track project.

Unique features included staged construction, traffic handling and relocation and addition of over ten different utilities that included water line, SCE, Pacific Bell conduits, CCTV conduits, and other electrical and lighting fixtures.