South Wilmington Grade Separation
Client: Port of Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Construction Cost: $52 Million

Project Features:

  • South Wilmington Grade Separation Type Selection Report

  • South Wilmington Grade Separation MSE Wall Type Selection Report

  • MSE retaining wall design

  • Pedestrian Tunnel

  • Storm drain and sewer
    relocation and bypass

  • ADA standards

  • Numerous Utility Relocation

  • Design Support During Construction
The project consisted of providing a direct access from the Pier A Street to Lagoon Avenue by separating the existing at-grade vehicular and train traffics and limiting the start at Pier A Street in the south and terminates at 1500 feet west of the Neptune Avenue.

The scope of the project also included elevating local streets, railroad, the Pier A street, constructing a multi-frame, multi-span overhead structure over Water Street, west Basin Branch tracks, and numerous utilities. The approach embankment fill was contained by MSE retaining walls.

Athalye was responsible for the Type Selection Report, Preliminary Design and Independent check of the PS&E of MSE retaining walls. The structure type selection was made by considering the stringent clearance criterion per various railroad agencies (UPRR/BNSF/AREMA), constructability, conflict with utilities, high seismicity, liquefiable soils, and new LRFD bridge design criteria.

In addition, Athalye provided design support during construction which included shop drawing review, materials review, design of light pole on Type 26 concrete barrier (Mod), review of concrete mix design, review of precast MSE panel QC inspection reports, etc.