7th Standard Road Overcrossing & Separation
Client: Kern County Roads Deptartment
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Construction Cost: $13 Million

Project Features:

  • TRIP Project Experience

  • Highway and Bridge Construction

  • Caltrans and County standards

  • Document Control/Office Engineering

  • Construction Staking
  • Environmental Compliance–SWPPP
    and Kit Fox Monitoring
This project included the widening of the 7th Standard Road Overcrossing over SR 99 and a new grade separation over the UPRR tracks, County roadway construction, drainage improvements, new intersection traffic signals, and roadway/highway lighting. Athalye’s bridge and highway inspection staff served the County as Structure Representative, Office Engineer, and Highway Inspector.

Both bridges were box girder bridges. Bridge field engineering duties included prestressing, monitoring, falsework, shoring reviews and inspections, and grade calculations using a 4-Scale.