I-10 Rehabilitation Project from Calimesa to Beaumont
Owner: Caltrans District 8
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Construction Cost: $41 Million

Project Features:

  • Bridge work- County Line road bridge in Calimesa

  • 190 drainage systems, new construction and modification of existing systems.

  • Shoulder AC paving

  • Concrete roadway grinding

  • Rapid Strength Concrete paving (LCB/PCC )
    volumetric pouring

  • Rapid Strength Concrete slab replacement volumetric pouring

  • Onramp/Offramp RSC paving for Termini- volumetric ¬†and AC paving

  • Striping Thermoplastic
Interstate 10 (I-10) is a major east-west route for trucks delivering goods to/from Southern California to the Midwest and East Coast. Athalye Consulting Engineering Services provided construction engineering and inspection services. The project was to widen theI-10 westbound lanes, widen Beaumont off-ramp to two lanes, lower existing 6th Street off-ramp to provide more clearance for trucks, replace the Eastbound State Route 60/Eastbound I-10 connector, rehabilitate bridge decks in the project limits, replace extremely damaged slabs from the Riverside county line to west of Oak Valley Parkway, widen the County Line Road Undercrossing, upgrade metal beam guardrail or replace with concrete median barrier, replace median concrete barrier with higher barrier to reduce headlight glare, and upgrade drainage facilities.