I-5/La Paz Road Interchange Reconstruction
Client: City of Laguna Hills
Location: Laguna Hills, CA
Construction Cost: $4.2 Million

Project Features:

  • S/B and N/B off-ramp Widening

  • La Paz Road Widening

  • Tieback retaining wall

  • Relieve traffic congestion & improve traffic operations

  • Dedicated lane for N/B I-5 loop on-ramp

  • Coordination with the City, Caltrans District 12, design consultant, CM Team and the Contractor
The City of Laguna Hills selected Athalye to provide Construction Management, Inspection, Survey, and Material Testing for the I-5/La Paz Interchange Improvement project. La Paz Road is a main arterial highway serving the cities of Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel with high traffic volumes. This project encompassed ramp reconfigurations, highway widening, drainage work, traffic signal modifications, highway lighting, landscaping and irrigation, retaining walls, widening of the S/B off-ramp and a three-tier tieback wall system to widen La Paz Road under the I-5 that served as dedicated lane to N/B I-5 loop on-ramp.