OCTA SR-57 North Bound Widening
Client: OCTA
Location: Placentia & Yorba Linda, CA
Construction Cost: $54 Million

Project Features:

  • Freeway and Bridge Widening

  • Retaining walls (MSE, Tieback and Cantilever Concrete)

  • Soundwalls with architectural treatment

  • Lane closures, detour and traffic control maintenance

  • Improve traffic flow and relieve traffic congestion

  • Extensive coordination with Caltrans District 12, design consultant, CM Team and Contractor
Caltrans District 12 and OCTA jointly initiated this SR-57 Northbound Widening Project to address congestion occurring in the northbound direction. The project was part of OCTA’s Freeway Chokepoint Program, which was launched in 2001 to support cooperative efforts with Caltrans to identify chronic freeway bottlenecks and to develop projects, which remedy the identified deficiencies.

As prime consultant, Athalye was responsible for the Construction Management Support services (roadway and bridge inspection) for the SR 57 Northbound Widening Project from Orangethorpe Avenue to Yorba Linda Boulevard (PM 16.4 to PM 18.8) segment. This project added a 5th mixed flow lane and provided highway and bridge improvements such as auxiliary lanes, sound walls and retaining walls, two mechanically stabilized embankments, a tieback wall, and seven bridge widenings.