1-5 Empire Schedule Staging
Client: Caltrans District 7
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Construction Cost: $450 Million

Project Features:

  • Performing CPM schedule integration analysis between Metrolink and Caltrans District 7 project schedules to identify potential conflict
  • CPM Scheduler monitoring the updated preliminary schedule
As Prime Consultant, provided on-call CPM Scheduling services for the I-5 Corridor, specifically for the realignment of the I-5 from Burbank Blvd to Buena Vista St and to add a HOV (Carpool) lane to this stretch of I-5. In addition, a Metrolink grade separation was constructed adjacent to the I-5 reconstruction to include a new Empire Bridge and various retaining walls and ramp modifications. An Integrated CPM Schedule was prepared to identify potential conflicts between Metrolink and Caltrans.